Monday, February 2, 2009

Manifest Destiny?

This is a response to the Teacher's recent article: Self-Sabotage and Getting to be Right

Today's article is not about the 19th-century doctrine! You sillies! It was about self-perception and basically how our Core Beliefs dictate the way we navigate through life.

To summarize the Teacher's seperate article on Core Belief's, in his words,
here is an idea of what they are:
"As we filter our experience through assumptions, expectations and
ideas, we create belief systems - our Core Beliefs. Core Beliefs lead us to
develop Active Beliefs - how we operate in the world - that consequently drive
the Outcomes that recursively support and sustain our Core Truths."

If you've ever read or seen The Secret, you'll completely understand the concept of 'manifesting' things into your life.
(For the sake of this response article, I will refer to the teachings of The Secret as fact.)

While we would like to think that the world is full of unlucky accidents, The Secret, as well as many other Eastern ideas, remind us that the worlds energy is woven a lot more intricatly than we're giving it credit for.

Using this particular example, The Secret explores the idea that everything in your life is brought there by you and only you... including illness. I have friends who live and die by this philosophy and other's who find fault in this idea that we'd "wish" cancer upon ourselves.

Though the friendly debate among friends has gone back and forth, the idea wasn't based on "wishes" at all. Through our actions and choices, even our train of thought, we magnet things to us even if they are uninvited.

We alone signal misfortune our way. As we roll out of bed and trip over a dog dish, the moment we decide, "this is the day I'm going to have", then guess what? We'll have it. It won't be a coincidence that you get cut off, then get stuck behind the bus, get the last sludged cup of coffee and trip going up the stairs. The idea is that you brought it on yourself.

Self-sabatoge is pretty self-explainitory. I have to hear about how I 'get in my own way' all the time. Just because I don't like that it's said doesn't mean it isn't the honest truth, because it is. The safest example is always the math example. I was a crap student in math my entire acedemic career. As I got older, the equations only became more confusing. So when it came to money, I never balanced my check book and when I paid for something, I rounded up instead of paying exact change. I'd ask a friend how much that sweater will come to when the discount hits and run to my phone for a tip calculator. Today, I work in accounting. Go figure.

I got this hand held game for Nintendo DS called Brain Age. Which I was afraid to play because they were all math problems and criticle thinking puzzles. But the premises of the game is that you play it everyday to exersize your brain and it will tell you what age your brain is fuctioning at. Well after playing the game for a few months, I realized that I was just learning math a different way. I was determined to get the best scores and beat my records. Because I changed my attitude I learned things I should've been learning YEARS ago!

Learning about this concept is one thing, because it's usually something we find to be automatic. Our thoughts just pop up, right? So how can we control them? They are just there. No, they are there because we are so USED to them being there. Once we realize we have the power to change our thought patterns, I found it can feel like a confusing place to begin. You CAN help how you think.

I discovered a good way to begin this new course of thought is with a simple daily (or weekly) exersize. I purchased the Gratitude book from Borders (a product of The Secret fad) because it was shiney and gold, but any journal will do!

Take a journal and on the right side of the page, you write all the things that
you are thankful for that day. This begins a positive thought process.

Then on the opposite page write down things that you are thankful for that have not
happened yet. (i.e. if you're looking for a good job, you'd write every day "I
am thankful for the awesome job I have").

Writing things out, repeatedly, as if you have them helps to direct your thinking. Like anything you hear over and over again, it will start to stick.
This is also a great way to lift yourself when you are feeling low because the right side of the page are all reminders of things you have already aquired that bring you joy.

Manifest the perfect destiny for yourself. If things go sour along the way, you'll be too busy recognizing all the good things present in your life to feel the heavy blow.

"Be the changes you wish to see in the world." ~Ghandi
Be the changes you wish to see in YOUR own world as well.